Oxford Creative Technology Ltd


Experience of a broad range of hands-on design skills, and up-to-date knowledge of leading edge technology.

Extensive use of different development styles, whether proprietary, open source or leveraging 3rd party IP.

Some examples of previous projects are briefly described here.

Software design, implementation and test

  • C, C++ and various shell scripting languages
  • Real-time, multitasking, embedded systems and workstation
  • ARM, PowerPC, x86, SHARC DSP, PIC, Atmel AVR/AT Mega processors
  • Microblaze and NIOS soft processors
  • Embedded systems, Large scale proprietary processors, desktop systems
  • Configuring Linux for embedded systems
  • Writing Linux device drivers for customer hardware, including for serial, ALSA audio and other application specific IO
  • Building GNU tool chains, including for cross compilation
  • Source code management

Electronic Design

  • High speed digital electronics using FPGA (VHDL) and discrete logic
  • Microprocessor (ARM, PowerPC, 68k), Microcontroller (Atmel ATmega, PIC) and DSP (SHARC, FPGA, custom Floating Point ASIC) system design
  • Professional Audio design
  • Analogue electronic design
  • System design, schematic capture, prototype debug, finalising for production
  • Trouble shooting design, manufacturing and test problems

Oxford Creative Technology Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales under company number 6830436

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