Oxford Creative Technology Ltd

Project Management

Fully conversant with modern project planning and management techniques, to suit fast moving, technology driven companies, who are seeking to introduce successful, innovative products.

Specific examples of Project definition and management provided;

  • Defining Product Development processes, that provide efficiency and visibility benefits.
      • Particular experience of using ‘just enough’ formal methods for projects to succeed, whilst avoiding dogma and endless paperwork that lead to projects stalling, or loosing innovation and creativity.
  • Creation and management of cross-functional teams throughout the development cycle.
  • Establishing credible Project Plans, with milestones and resource estimates
  • Providing 1-to-1 Guidance and Coaching for Project and Programme managers
  • Ongoing project risk assessment, and driving to provide creative options for successful project completion
  • Incorporating 3rd party IP and Open-Source with proprietary development strategies, to improve time to market, and ensuring best value from local development resources.


Oxford Creative Technology Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales under company number 6830436

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